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New! The BUSINESS GLASS Program:
"When wine means business!"

In today’s business world, there is only one chance to make a first impression. Why risk fragile client interactions by committing a preventable faux pas? Especially with foreign clients, who operate with a different set of cultural sensitivities, business impressions can truly extend beyond the office.

The BUSINESS GLASS Program was designed to provide executives and business owners with a valuable combination of wine etiquette savvy and cross-cultural sensitivity, both at home and abroad, as both a guest and a host. This new and popular program currently has two modules, which can be taken separately or as a series, and includes the following courses (plus take-home materials):

Wine Etiquette for the Busy Professional
Wine is closely associated with business entertaining, and with more people becoming wine connoisseurs than ever, it is important not to be left behind when it comes to the basics. Even if you are a die-hard beer drinker, this overview of wine basics will ensure you have the well-rounded savvy that is expected for success, from boardroom to banquet.

In this course, you will receive an overview of wine including key regions to know, basic tasting techniques, and tips for selecting wines when conducting business at a restaurant. This course runs for approximately 90 minutes, and can be customized to address particular topics in greater depth.

Wine and Culture in a Global Economy
Did you know that in Japan it is rude to pour your own drink at the table? In China, the host is expected to provide the first toast of the evening, signifying to begin eating. Although evening receptions are favored in China, in France business lunches are preferred—but do not discuss business until after the meal!

If you travel abroad for business, or are planning to host a foreign visitor in a business context, this course will provide a lively and densely packed overview of the do’s and don’t’s in a variety of first-world countries. Although the focus is primarily on the wine and drinking cultures of each country, you will be exposed to plenty of additional useful tips that relate to business entertaining in that setting.  

This course is customizable! Running time for the course is generally 90 minutes, but can be expanded to cover more countries or a particular set of countries in greater depth.

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