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Corporate Events - 3 Ways!
Are you a manager, professional, or business owner?

If you are doing business of any sort, chances are that wine will make an appearance.  In fact, wine has become an important component of business dinners,  client meetings, and key social events.  But  there is simply so much to know, isn't there? Just imagine yourself -- and your team-- cutting through the confusion and emerging as true wine-knowledge stars!

It all starts with the Renaissance Wine Academy's three Corporate programs, designed to be customizable for content, audience, and running time. Contact us to discuss which programs may be right for your group.

Corporate Client Programs include:

A customizable Wine Talk (with optional tasting) for your team or client gathering. See our suggested list of topics

A TEAM VINO! Team Building event: Organized, wine-themed, group dynamic activities to enhance your team's spirit!

And our New! BUSINESS GLASS Program: a series of focused, protocol-oriented courses geared towards executives and other business travelers and hosts. The ultimate "merger" of business and wine etiquette!

Click on the Business Glass topics below for a detailed description.

Wine Etiquette for the Busy Professional

Wine and Culture in a Global Economy