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TEAM VINO! Wine Team-Building Events

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Wine is becoming more vital than ever in our lives—in both social and business settings. But with all of the information out there, how can your team learn the basics…while still having a blast? Introducing the Renaissance Wine Academy's TEAM VINO! team building collection. Imagine your team participating in fun, creative, and intelligent activities—from a themed Wine Talk and tasting workshop to rev up the palate, to a clever array of wine-themed games sure to encourage some serious team ‘spirit!’ Picture your team members laughing, bonding, problem solving as a team…and taking their newfound enthusiasm back to the office!

Studies have shown that cohesive work teams result in higher production, morale, and retention at work. In other words, teams who play together, stay together!

The TEAM VINO! program offers a mix-and-match combination of educational and interactive choices, which you can build upon based on the desired purpose (and length) of your day. TEAM VINO's wine-trivia games, wine education activities, and tasting challenges guarantee to get your group bubbling like Champagne!

R.O.I. - Investing in Your Team

Teams are the dominant face of the American workplace. It is crucial for managers and business-owners to build and maintain groups that function smoothly and efficiently—maximizing morale, productivity, and, in turn, profitability.

When employees feel vested in a team, their productivity rises dramatically. Maximize your position and help contribute to your team’s success – and gain some kudos in the process! Sign up today for a TEAM VINO! experience for your team!

How does it work?

Simply let us know the number of participants, location details, the purpose of your team outing (i.e., sales incentive award day, team building with co-workers, annual company picnic, etc.) and how long you would like your team day to last. We will offer a customized menu of options for you to choose from, along with a customized quote, and voila! You will be on your way to your own TEAM VINO! day with the Renaissance Wine Academy!