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Raise your revenue with wine training!
Wine Training for Restaurant, Catering, and Hospitality Staff

Attention, restaurant owners and managers!

Have you ever noticed how some restaurants seem to draw in high-spending customers, while other establishments seem to struggle to make ends meet? Imagine your establishment bustling with new and repeat customers, who will likely increase their total check after some quick and simple, key lessons to your staff from the Renaissance Wine Academy!

Did you know that training your staff in wine service and sales can have a tremendous impact on your bottom-line revenue? In fact, every year, many restaurants lose significant income that could have been theirs because they do not maximize their staff’s knowledge and abililties to sell wine to their customers!

These training issues may occur for the following reasons:

  • Management’s own lack of wine knowledge
  • Lack of understanding of the sales impact of wine training
  • No time to train staff
  • No designated “staff trainer” who is educated about wine

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Introducing our Bottom-Line Up! Service Staff Training program. Whether you choose one of our 4-week, 10-week, 2-day seminar, or class-by-class sessions, both your staff and restaurant will benefit from the following: 

  • Increased check amounts from more wine sales revenue
  • Satisfied customers who will be impressed with your staff’s wine knowledge
  • Repeat customers who will enjoy the complete food and wine experience you offer
  • A better reputation for your restaurant, as a wine-forward establishment

Our Bottom-Line Up! Training sessions cover the crucial areas of wine service, wine sales, and key wine knowledge. These sessions get everyone involved, and utilize wines from your list to get your staff comfortable with all of your wines, and help to move those wines! Each session includes a quiz and an optional assignment for your staff. And the best part is that we come to you!*

Bottom-Line Up! Sessions
Click on any session below to view a description, and contact us to sign up today and take your restaurant’s performance to the next level! 

Top-Notch Wine Service 

Wine Sales Strategies: Outside the Box 

Food and Wine: The Pairing Formula 

World Wine Regions

Want more wine topics? We also offer a full array of fun, interactive Wine Talk sessions, specially adapted to staff training needs. Click here to learn more. 

*Renaissance Wine Academy, LLC, is based in Arizona. However, special arrangements can be made for out-of-state training for a multi-session, intensive Bottom-Line Up! seminar at your location. Contact us for details.