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F.A.Q.s & Policies


What does the Renaissance Wine Academy do?

Renaissance Wine Academy, LLC, is a mobile wine education provider. We offer a variety of wine-themed events, classes, and team-building activities for educational and entertainment purposes, for groups and individuals. We also offer wine training for the staff and management of hospitality and restaurant establishments, all delivered through a fully-credentialed wine specialist.

Where is the Academy located?
Renaissance Wine Academy is a mobile educational services firm, so we come to you! You, our client, provide the event location—be it a home, office, restaurant, event hall, garden, boat, backyard, or anywhere you would like to host your event (that is approved for wine activities). Although Renaissance Wine Academy, LLC is an Arizona-based company, it may travel out of state to clients' locations.

Do you also sell wine?  

Renaissance Wine Academy, LLC is not in the business of selling wine. In fact, as we are an Arizona-based company, we abide by Arizona law, which prohibits wine educators from providing and selling their own wine. Therefore, we do not sell or bring our own wines to your events. Of course, the tasting of wines is key to many of our programs, so instead, we gladly recommend to our clients which general types of wine to purchase for their event.  The client (or their delegates) purchase and bring the wines to the event, or have the host restaurant/hotel/event hall provide the wines to match the Academy’s scheduled program.


How do we know which wines to select for our event?

Renaissance Wine Academy is happy to assist our clients in planning which wines to have at their event, and in what quantities. The Academy is not affiliated with any particular wine retailer, so we have no "hidden agenda" to sell you certain labels, and can thus work with your budget. It is, however, still important to purchase certain types of wines in order to match the theme of your wine event, on which we offer guidance.

What about glassware?
Renaissance Wine Academy will be happy to assist you in securing glassware rental, if needed. If you are holding your event at a restaurant, hotel, or event hall, the venue will often provide the glassware as part of your venue package.

Can anyone participate in a Renaissance Wine Academy event?

All participants must be of valid drinking age (of valid age under the State laws where the event takes place) to participate in one of our events, classes, team builders or other Academy-sponsored activity where wine is present. Participants must also be prepared to show a valid ID if requested.

Renaissance Wine Academy, LLC and Gilat Ben-Dor, Director, reserve the right to refuse participation to any person(s) appearing to be intoxicated.

What if some people in my party don't drink?
The Academy offers wine education services, and often, the client chooses a wine tasting segment to accompany the presentation. However, the tasting portion of the program is entirely optional, and all of our Wine Talks and programs can be delivered as a pure lecture or activity, without sampling wines. Please inform us in advance if there will be participants who do not wish to consume wine, so we can make alternative arrangements for their beverage.

What is the cost of these wine events and classes?
Every event that the Academy delivers is unique and priced accordingly, although we currently have some popular packages, which we will gladly send you information about. Please visit our Price Quote page to answer a brief series of questions which will enable us to quote you a price within 24-48 hours.

What about payment terms and your cancellation policy?
In order to reserve your event date, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of contract signing. Please make checks payable to the Renaissance Wine Academy, LLC. The balance is due no later than 48 hours prior to date of your wine event. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal and personal checks (must clear prior to service) are all accepted forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy: A Cancellation Fee in the form of a forfeited deposit will apply for all events cancelled less than 7 days from the scheduled event date. In addition, non-refundable travel-related or customized materials expenses incurred by the Renaissance Wine Academy in preparation for this event will also be paid by the client. While the deposit remains non-refundable, a booked date may be switched out pending mutual availability, with at least 14 days' notice.

How long does a wine event typically last?
All of our activities are tailored to your schedule. Typically, our Interactive Wine Talks last between 90 minutes to two hours, depending on group size, number of questions asked, and other factors. This time includes not only the talk but a Q & A opportunity, optional tasting session, and an icebreaker game (time permitting).

TEAM VINO! Experience Team Builders can be as short as two hours to fit into a conference schedule or spousal program, for example, or can be customized to last up to half a day (4 hours). Lunch service can be arranged.

BUSINESS GLASS Executive Wine Etiquette courses typically last two hours each, and can be combined into a half-day training seminar. Lunch service can be arranged.

BOTTOM-LINE UP! Staff Wine Training sessions may last between 60-90 minutes per session, depending on group size and depth of coverage. Full-day seminars are also available. We will discuss in advance your schedule needs to ensure your wine program will fill your allotted time.

How do I book an event?
You may contact us directly, or complete the brief form on our Pricing Quotes page to receive a custom quote within 24-48 hours. For questions or comments, please call 602-373-5800 or email info@renaissancewineacademy.com

What is included in the Academy’s fees?
For its fee, the Renaissance Wine Academy provides its clients with the following: 

  • An educational, interactive wine program delivered by a fully credentialed wine professional
  • Educational materials (handouts) for each participant
  • Set-up and break-down of presentation props brought by the Academy
  • Prizes (where applicable)

What is NOT included in the Academy’s fees?
The Academy’s fees do not include the following:

  • Wine for the event – by law, the Academy cannot provide/sell wine
  • Location of event (i.e., room or venue rental fees). It is the client's responsibility to provide a safe and insured location to protect all participants against any personal injuries or damages incurred while on the premises.
  • Venue furnishings and any applicable fees (tables, chairs, linens, silverware, centerpieces, decorations)
  • AV/projector/computer/sound equipment set-up and break-down, where applicable
  • Glassware - glass rental is available for additional rental fee
  • Food and beverages for general consumption

What about food and beverages in general?
The Renaissance Wine Academy will be happy to refer you to a select group of quality caterers and bartending services in the Greater Phoenix area. We can also work with your existing caterer or Chef for optimum food and wine pairing recommendations.

Please note: All policies and prices are subject to change without notice prior to receipt of booking deposit.