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Wine Talks: Let's talk wine in an interactive way!

Have you wanted to learn how to decipher a wine list, and how to make the most of your sommelier when you dine out? Have you wondered what the hype is about Bordeaux wines? Would you like to discover the single most important principle of wine appreciation?

Renaissance Wine Academy offers fully credentialed Wine Talks on a variety of topics—delivered in as relaxed and interactive, or formal, a method as you require. We also offer ongoing public wine classes - click here for schedule and sign-ups.

Why not be a student again for a night, or for a complete class series? You do not need any prior wine knowledge to enjoy these fun, engaging presentations. They are a great way to spend time with a group of friends, family, or co-workers and make excellent birthday and holiday gifts. In fact, why not incorporate a Wine Talk into your next client or networking event?

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How it works:
There are a number of ongoing wine courses we offer to the public (click here for schedule & sign-ups).

In addition, private Wine Talk presentations are available, and are held at the client’s chosen location (office, home, restaurant, hotel, etc.). These events generally last between 90 minutes and three hours, and include the Wine Talk, wine tasting time,
Q & A session, and materials for each participant. Additional wine-themed mixer games can be added, such as organized Team Building or other group interaction activities-- perfect for social and networking functions, and corporate events!

Please see our policies for more details.