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Interactive Wine Talks: Topic Descriptions

Wine 101: An Introduction
Where does wine come from? What exactly is a vintage? How do we get white wine from red grapes? Explore the intriguing history of wine and its fascinating process from grape to glass, as well as basics on tasting with confidence and selecting your soon-to-be favorites!

The Top 5 Reds to Know
With so many grape varietals in existence, what makes these five reds true classics? Discover the timeless, unique qualities of each, and learn how to pair these sturdy wines with everyday foods. You will also gain an inside look at some winemakers’ tricks of the trade to make these wines all they can be!

The Top 5 Whites to Know
Which white winemaking technique caused a worldwide scandal? What makes some white wines age better than others? Which whites pair with which foods? Discover what makes these five whites worthwhile.

Bordeaux for Beginners
Bordeaux wines evoke images of prestige…and confusion! And what is all the hype, anyway? Discover the rich history, drama, laws, and secrets that make Bordeaux the world classic it is today.

Wine Regions: A World Tour
Did you know that wine is made in almost all 50 states? In fact, there is a story and a treasure for you to discover at every stop on this world tour. Learn the differences between Old World and New World wines, and know what to look for the next time you find a wine list in your hands.

What a Pair! Food and Wine Meet their Match
Find out if “reds with red meat, whites with fish” is still valid today, and test a variety of pairings for yourself in this fun and intensive workshop. Bring a clean palate and get ready to give your verdict on what belongs on the table together!

Sip and Swirl: Tasting Skills to Go!
Have you ever wondered how a wine specialist can “guess” a wine just by tasting it? Learn these secrets and how you, too, can “read” a wine as you see, sniff and savor a glass, whether it is red or white. They say that wine tells a story, and it is true—there is so much we can tell by examining our glass. Get ready to take some educated guesses the next time you are poured a “mystery” wine!

Cheers! The Life and Times of Sparkling Wines
Champagne! In victory, one deserves it. In defeat, one needs it.” –Napoleon

Over the centuries, few drinks have been the toast of the town the way Champagne, and other sparkling wines have. These icons of luxury and celebration have an equally festive history. Learn the specialized process that makes only Champagne a “true” Champagne, and why you can tell so much from the bubbles!

The Many Faces of Riesling
Riesling, the versatile white wine that made Germany famous, has been increasingly appearing on the A-lists of top Sommeliers and restaurant owners. With an impressive range of sweetness, from crisp and refreshing to luscious desserts-in-a-glass, Riesling is the go-to wine for food pairings, and aging ability. You will also learn to understand its intricate labeling system—it is well worth it once you get to the wine shop!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s Supertuscans!
What do you get when a few rogue winemakers had enough with Italian wine laws? An exciting “fringe” wine that has become the talk of Italy—and the world! Some of Italy’s most prized and pricey wines were actually the result of a rebellion of sorts. Come learn the trailblazing history of these “super” Tuscan wines!

So You Want to Start a Wine Collection: Considerations for Long-Term Fun
Imagine yourself sauntering through your own wine cellar (or wine fridge, for that matter). You are giddy with excitement as you gaze at your collection. To make the most of your prized assortment, there are several elements to consider. We will touch upon key considerations—from proper storage to ageability of certain wines to “drink” vs. “hold” concepts— so you can confidently build your wine legacy.

Hosting a Wine Party: Idea Toolkit
Hosting a wine party at your home can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to spend time with friends and family. But where do you begin? Opening some bottles and displaying some cheese may be a good start, but this session will bring your wine party to the next level! You will discover many unique presentation ideas and fun activities to truly bring your wine party to life.

Choosing Wines for the Holidays
How often does the entire extended family get together? Or for that matter, out-of-town guests? The holidays mark a special occasion, and what better way to celebrate than with some carefully chosen wines. But which wines? How much wine is needed? And what goes with turkey, anyway? Relax! You will learn a quick and easy way to select your special occasion wines, and pair them with holiday foods. And impress Aunt Hilda in the process.

Up Close and Personal: Varietal Focus
Are you a merciless Merlot fan? Or charmed by Chardonnay? Does Cabernet simply run in your blood? Learn all about your favorite grape variety—or varietal—and discover its “roots,” from grape to glass. From its unique growing conditions to its flavor profile, winemaking techniques and food pairings, you will get to know your true love even better! (Please mention your grape of choice at the time of booking—or we can help with suggestions)

Discovering Wine Country: Regional Focus
Whether planning a Tuscan getaway, a weekend in Napa, or wanting to discover the facts behind the world's most celebrated wine regions, this Wine Talk can be paired with tastings of wines from that region, as well as information about location foods, culture, and attractions.

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