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BOTTOM-LINE UP! Wine Training
Session Descriptions

Top-Notch Wine Service
What are the secrets of world-class service? How do you correctly open a bottle of wine? What is the ideal serving temperature of an aged red wine? Who gets served first, the ladies or the guest of honor? Simplify the rules through a fun, hands-on session that will leave you feeling confident the next time you have to pop a cork (or let it hiss quietly instead). 

Wine Sales Strategies: Outside the Box
How do you sell wine to a customer without feeling like a high-pressure salesperson? The key is to engage the customer so they will want to buy a bottle of that wine…or maybe two! Learn four secrets to increasing wine sales, which you can apply that very same night to your guests. Elevate yourself from an order-taker to a wine adviser, and see how much can change!

Food and Wine: The Pairing Formula
Imagine this: you are waiting on a large table, and they ask you to recommend one wine for the group. But they are all ordering different dishes! What do you suggest? Discover the surprisingly easy way to distinguish the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to pairing certain foods and wines from your menu. You will benefit from an actual tasting workshop in this session, and will hardly forget the results!

World Wine Regions
What is the difference between a “New World” and an “Old World” wine? Which wine made New Zealand famous? What is all the hype over Bordeaux wines? How many states in America actually produce wine? You will be surprised to learn many new facts during this lively overview of the world’s key wine regions. And you won’t have to fear customer questions about wine regions anymore!

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